Seminar: Together for sustainability: Do we expect too much from science?

On January 11, a seminar: Together for sustainability: Do we expect too much from science? The event was organized by the Embassies of Germany and France and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Poland.

It took place under the patronage of the Polish Academy of Sciences and with participation of the Natural History Museum, Berlin.

The seminar was attended by the director of UCBS- Mariola Zalewska, who also led a workshop on AI and Smart Cities. Our students also participated in this event.

The seminar covered the following topics:

  • Smart/sustainable cities: How do we solve problems where most of the people live?
  • Artificial Intelligence: Is it more than just a new and strong tool?
  • Get it done! Do we just have to listen to science?

The role of science in the necessary transformation of our societies is getting more and more important and due to the climate crisis, the urgency of actions is constantly rising. The need for new efficient tools is obvious. Science can deliver them. But what does this mean for democratic organized societies?

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