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Why study with us?

Who are we?

The Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental Protection (MSOS) was an interdepartmental unit established by the Senate of the University of Warsaw in 1992 to run an interdisciplinary educational programme in environmental protection. As of 1. January 2018, MSOS is the name of the field of study implemented within the University Centre for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development (UCBS). UCBS is co-founded on equal rights by 7 Faculties of the UW: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Geography and Regional Studies, Law and Administration, Economic Sciences. The functions of Dean and Deputy Dean for Student Affairs are performed by the Director of UCSB and his Deputy for Student Affairs, while administrative support is provided by the Secretariat.

Why study Environmental Protection at UCBS?

Interdisciplinary education program

  • We live in an era in which the transformations of the natural environment, generated also by the development of civilization, present us with new tasks, not only to describe and record these changes, but also to understand them thoroughly in order to take conscious actions to improve environmental safety and sustainable development. Since there is no single scientific discipline that could provide theoretical and practical preparation of specialists in environmental protection, skilfully combining natural and social sciences, we offer unique studies conducted jointly by 7 faculties of Warsaw University.
  • Interdisciplinarity is the main advantage of the MSOS degree, because the specificity of our studies is the broad, exceeding the framework of a single faculty, general program of studies of the first degree. The programme of the second degree studies, on the other hand, creates an opportunity to deepen knowledge within the framework of a specialization chosen from the rich offer of 7 Faculties co-creating UCBS.
  • The graduates of the second degree programme may participate in the qualification for the third degree programme (doctoral studies) at any of the seven Faculties co-forming UCBS, as well as at other universities or scientific institutes.

Modern and flexible educational offer

  • Flexible education program of the MSc degree programme gives the possibility of free shaping of one’s own scientific path through independent choice of additional subjects and specializations (also in English!) from the offer of 7 Faculties Co-Founding UCBS.
  • We use modern teaching techniques: case-studies, e-learning system, field trips and courses.
  • We also guarantee professional practice in the country or abroad.
  • Students of UCBS have a chance to take part in studies abroad within the EU ERASMUS+ Scholarship Programme.
  • Within the MOST Student Mobility Programme we offer a part of studies at one, chosen from 29 universities in Poland.

Outstanding academic staff and rich infrastructure

  • Each of the 7 Faculties forming UCBS puts at your disposal highly qualified scientific and didactic staff and constantly upgraded and modernised infrastructure, as well as guarantees access to their libraries and reading rooms.
  • Students of MSOŚ can also use the Library of the University Centre for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development and the rich collections of the Central Library of Geography and Environmental Protection of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • Moreover, we have our own computer laboratory with free Internet access and a number of scientific programs to support education.
  • Apart from that, we ensure a friendly attitude towards students and friendly, professional and quick service of student matters by the secretary’s office.

Interesting student life

  • The UCBS Scientific Circle helps students develop their interests and skills. It is involved in organising educational projects (e.g. Earth Day, 1st National Conference on Light Pollution) and research field trips (e.g. a trip to Siberia).
  • In turn, the thriving UCBS Student Government organises integration events and camps as well as club events.

Significance of the graduation diploma in the field of economics

  • University of Warsaw diploma is a ticket to the European job market – Warsaw University is widely known in Europe, and MSOS diploma is in the eyes of employers an excellent certificate of solid and comprehensive education in environmental protection.
  • Studies in MSOS prepare to work in: scientific institutes, laboratories, state and local administration offices, production companies, consulting firms.

Remember! UCBS UW = 7 faculties = 7 times more opportunities!

Detailed descriptions of the individual degrees can be found below:

MSOS I degree

MSOS II degree

Sustainable Development