Support and protection at the UW against discrimination

Ladies and gentlemen,

In connection with the crisis situation in Ukraine, we would like to remind you and provide you with information about support available at the University of Warsaw for those who have experienced discrimination, violence, unfair or unequal treatment. We kindly encourage you to inform the members of the academic community about the possibilities of obtaining such support.

We would also like to draw your attention to the difficult situation of Russians and Belarusians who belong to the academic community. It is important to remember that protection against discrimination and unequal treatment applies to all members of our community.

Please report any incidents related to conflicts, unfair treatment, as well as hate speech, to the following address:

In case of discrimination, you can contact the equality specialist, who can submit a formal complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Committee:

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the constantly updated information on the possibility of joining aid actions, and for those who need support – we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the University (including legal, psychological, material support). Detailed information can be found on the main website of the University of Warsaw:

The university community will not leave any person in need or alone.

Equality team at the University of Warsaw

Academic Ombudsman’s team

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