Increasing sustainability and environmental protection attitude in Serbia and Bosnia and Harzegovina

The aim of the project is to change the attitude of people in the field of sustainability and environmental protection by introducing practical and everyday sustainability methods in school education and for adults. In the project we create and publish a complementary textbook for teachers to facilitate the education of the topic, and thus to help in the attitude formation of the next generations. The extent experiences and good practices of the more developed V4 counties are transferred to the West Balkan countries. Project milestones include an international meeting, the construction of a website, the development and publishing of the textbook, the test of the textbook modules with school classes, and the organisation of a sustainability school day in each partner country.

The project involves institutions promoting environmental education and education for sustainable development from six countries: Bosnia and Harzegovina, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland.

The project is coordinated by Hungarian institution: Magosfa Foundation for Environmental Education and Ecotourism.


Project duration: 1 September 2015 31 December 2016

The project is funded by the International Visegrad Fund.



University Educators for Sustainable Development – UE4SD

UCBS is a partner in an international project University Educators for Sustainable DevelopmentUE4SD.


Its purpose is to enhance knowledge about sustainable development in higher education.

UE4SD is funded by the European Commission.

It started in October 2013 and will be involving 52 partners in 33 countries during its three year duration.

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