Master theses

Public awareness and environmental education in shale gas mining project in Poland, 2015


Vehicles with alternative propulsion in the mind of public transport passengers and private users, 2015


Environmental topics in the works of popular culture, 2015


The role of non-governmental environmental organizations (NGO) in shaping the sustainable development of cities, 2015


Sustainable office construction impact on environmental consciousness of users, 2014


Tasks and influence of television advertisements for creating of society ecological awareness, 2014


Developement of proecological lifestyle through pro-healthy education program „Eating healthy, knowing more” adressed to the early school age children, 2012


Concept and practical problems of implementation of the international project of ecological education – ‘Spring Alive’- OTOP, RSPB, BirdLife, 2012


Possibilities and limitations of modern advertising in public promotion of sustainable lifestyle, 2011


Role of NGOs in the development and promotion of European Ecological System Natura 2000, 2011


The role of NGOs in the implementation and popularization of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), 2011


Ecological Education in Preschool, 2010


Role of the Voivodeship Founds for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Financing Various Categories of Ecological Education in Poland, 2009


Internet in informal environmental education: the techniques of preparing a virtual didactic trail, 2009


The Role Of Natural History Museums In the Implementation Of Provisions Of the Convention On Biological Diversity, Concerning Education, 2008


The Role Of Local Government In Animation Of Education For Sustainable Development, 2008


Education activities and communication related with Water Framework Directive, 2008


The role of public communication in the functioning of selected promotional forest complexes, 2007


Polish-Danish cooperation in environmental education, 2007


Environmental education in the Armed Forces of the NATO member states, 2006


Social communication as a method of conflict solution around protected areas, 2006


The Significance of Polish British Cooperation in Strengthening Environmental Education, 2006


Computer in environmental education, 2005


The role of the local press in promoting eco-social activity in Poland, 2004


Centres for Environmental Education – analysis of the causes of successes and failures, 2004


Sustainable development in education at the middle school – analysis of program, textbooks and methods
of implementation
, 2004


The role of UNESCO in implementing education for sustainable development, 2004